Wednesday, September 30, 2009

into the wild

one morning, a grand idea milled about in my head while driving to school. come fall break, i shall camp...with a best friend...THE best friend...THE "15-year-har-har-har-we're-so-old" best friend. my partner in crime? ms. amy w. (aka amy-loo aka ms. sensitive tum-tum) of course. camping was done. oh, it was done all right. it was done up reeeeal good. with marshmallows, propane tanks, 15 blankets, and a "joggers edition pepper spray" (thanks mom!) we were just two girls on a mission. a mission to get wild with the wild itself. it was geee-orgeous in BIG SUR and we had fun. here are a few photos, with perhaps some more to come. get ready 4 the next one, my lady....and stear clear of that salsa!!

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