Sunday, February 28, 2010

LA wknd

a great weekend was had!
there is nothing better than a much needed
girls day out. and we went all out.
some moments from a weekend in the city...
[most of the photos stolen from the roommate....i forgot my camera

LA Flower Mart
LA flower mart
this place was absolutely incredible!! we woke up @ 6 so we
could make it here by 8 (snoozers are losers!).
so much beauty packed into one place.
hands down, one of the best brunches i've ever (ever, ever) had.
period. we could have stayed here for hours and hours,
it was sooo gorgeous, airy, inviting, stylin', and friendly (in LA?! gasp!)
and to top it off, the food was unreal.
such a great new york lounge feel.
the most delicious pancakes i've ever had.
the food literally knocked our socks off. mmmm mmmm good.
classic bathroom shot with my beautiful roomie!

sample sale in bev hills! taking a peek at some beautiful dresses
with my bride-to-be!

major eye candy found at compartes chocolatier in brentwood.
taste test: rich, pure, and delicious. two thumbs up!
(they feature new "screenprinted" designs on the chocolates
every day. so cool.)
dry bar
dry bar salon
who gets blow-outs on rainy saturday afternoons??!
(not us, because they were booked. dang.)
gotta use our free coupon next time, i suppose!

hope you all had a relaxing and inspiring weekend too!


  1. pancakes? those are pancakes? i need to know more about this. these photos are making my mouth water!

  2. pumpkin pancakes with spiced syrup!!
    (the first ones they brought us (by mistake)had sea salt in the syrup! ooooh so good.


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