Monday, February 15, 2010

pick me-up

my eyes have been feeling a little
uninspired lately. these perked them up a bit...
adorable + witty vintage inspired graphics
by Stéphane Massa-Bidal found over
on please sir
these 'a boy and a seal' shots are so timeless, you can't really
tell if they were taken yesterday or 50 years ago.
check out one blue wren for more
amazing work.

funny guy jason schartzman in a collection of really
cool polaroids | via band of outsiders
how have i never stumbled across band of outsiders before? loving
the photography over there...
love the lighting, the sweet kids, the little
animals. jenifer altman is an "internationally acclaimed
Polaroid photographer." amazing!
check out her blog, nectar & light
so pretty! i love the colors, and as always, love everything
over at sunday suppers
| via all the mountains

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  1. i really enjoyed this post ash! twas beautiful eye candy during my four-movie-marathon. ja ja. will look closer at some of those links soon!


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