Saturday, February 13, 2010


happy weekend, everyone!
even though we missed out on the LA street
food fest
(so many people, not enough room!),
life is still good.
happy valentine's day.
i love a boy and that's
good enough for me.


  1. i love this pic. the reflection of the trees are perfection!
    where was this? near the bungalow we stopped by? ;)

    home at last (bleh).
    so glad we got to spend time together this weekend
    i love love you!

  2. i love this pic too!! (sorry for neglecting its source!) u know i would have been all over it had i seen it.
    glad we got to see each other too! lu!!

  3. the stupid LA food fest was FAIL, but i'm glad u got to hang out in LA and saw lots of cute things!! ;D too BAD i missed you guys!! man!! i was actually looking foward to meet up with you guys FINALLY!! but it's okay, we'll do SOON! ;D

    I love your blogs! so coloful and fun :) + of course great photos!

  4. thanks yuko! we're gonna come see you soon!
    you'll have to show us all your fun LA spots!


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