Monday, March 8, 2010

moments of a lazy wknd

hello! hope you all had a good wknd!
mine was slow + relaxing, involving
naps, leisurely breakfasts, and a very
special visitor.

took just a few snaps of a perfect ho-hum wknd:

good til the last POP! a dainty arrangement
in my gurgle pot.

i have been soooo inspired by vertical succulent walls since
i first laid eyes on one! so happy to now have one (though not as extravagant
as flora's)!! see the process of how we made them over on becca's blog!
(p.s. have you seen these amazing walls HERE, here, or here?

still in the process of fillin' her up!! will post more pics when
she's ready to hang vertically!

chocolate chip and prosciutto pancakes??
delish, but perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime kinda meal. :)
i might or might not have been inspired by these.
["giada would be proud"-kenny]

time for a new week!! [DEAD week!]


  1. Chocolate chips, yum.. prosciutto, delicious.. Together in pancakes seems genius!!!! I must try this one out

  2. this looks so so lovely lovely!
    but i think you're missing one thing (me).
    ok maybe two things (me+josh).
    can't wait to see you next!
    ps will miss you on our second annual annie.

  3. so true j...that last picture needed 2 more sets of sockies.
    try not to be too romantic on your it 4 when we can all be together again. hehe


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