Sunday, July 11, 2010

umami burger

did you have a happy weekend?
we did, managing to fit in outings
to both Palm Springs and LA!
no wedding venues as of yet...
but we did finally try Umami burger
(which also serves Milk ice cream sandwiches! who knew?)!
*excuse the crappy photos, taken on my blackberry


  1. yum! which one did you go to?!
    and aren't the milk treats a pleasant surprise! :)

  2. we went to the "urban" umami, which was so cool! they have the coolest space between it and free people, and there was live music!
    (and milk...oh goodness, how have i never tried their sammies?)

  3. that's the one i went to too!
    the space there IS amazing!
    we went there late so most of the shops were closed :|
    but that just means a revisit is a must!

    oh an i actually grew those potatoes in pots!
    i, sadly, don't really have too much space for a huge garden either.


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