Friday, September 10, 2010

buy a shirt?

ahhhh....friday. thank you for being you. you give me time to take naps,
eat pho for lunch, and act like a human being. you, might i add,
are the gateway drug to the weekend. hello!

on to more important news....LOOK at these t-shirts. they are so creative
and made with 100% love. emily, the mastermind, is an
awesome and beautiful person. why? because she is trying to
raise enough money to return to Africa to work as a nurse
for a year. the money from
these shirts will hopefully help get her there!
what an admirable thing to put your heart into.
BUY A SHIRT, if you feel so inclined. (i hear they're very soft!
i bought the orange one. :) )
you can find them HERE. good luck emily.

have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. so much talent. i was browsing through these last night and wanted so many of them! you got a good pick! too bad the one on the right is too big...although maybe i can fit into it!!!!!! ILU.

  2. Thank-you ashley! :) You're so nice. I wish so much that I could get to know you (and Jen too!) more...I guess we'll have to see where I end up for PA school. :) Thanks for posting my shirts here though! It's great.

  3. these are so fun! and, totally random, but i had pho for lunch on friday too! so tasty :)


it's not about's about quality. :)
thanks for your nice comments, friends.


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