Wednesday, February 9, 2011


i'll just say it...
i'm in a funk.
i haven't really felt much like blogging lately, and inspiration in the
form of beautiful photos, fashion, food, etc. has been wasted
on my tired, computer-screen abused eyes.
we've been dealing with lots of heavy stuff as of late.
the death of a very close family friend (and my best friend's
amazing father) has been a hard pill to swallow and
it's hard to comfort others when there's
nothing to do or say to relieve the pain.

there is one thing i've been reminded of, though, and that is this:
love those you love, and love them GOOD and WELL.

and always, in any circumstance,
eat baked goods. cookies are good for the soul.


  1. practice practice practice
    love you.

  2. There are few things worse then pain that no words can comfort. I will be praying.


it's not about's about quality. :)
thanks for your nice comments, friends.


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