Wednesday, March 9, 2011


so i've had a lot on my mind lately (finishing up school, planning a wedding,
finding a home, starting a career, and all of this while doing
the long-distance thing. woe is me.) at night, though, my
thoughts turn to relaxing and enjoying qual time with my main squeeze on our
honeymoon. we've never traveled afar together alone, so i'm excited!

you've all heard of mr. and mrs. globe trot, right?
they are an adorable couple, Julia and Yuriy, who have spent the last 6 months
traveling the world together, snapping pics all along the way
(they're amazing photographers!). see their time in santorini here.

now on to some wishful thinking....i love online window shopping. :)



  1. Hi Ashley! Thanks so much for sharing our travel blog and photography with your readers.

    * Julia & Yuriy

  2. Amazing collection of things. OMG.


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