Wednesday, March 2, 2011

travel bug

i'm itching to get away right about now.
i'm thinking somewhere warm, with delicious
crispy thin-crust pizza and refreshing limoncello.
somewhere where we can stay in a room of all windows,
like this one.
lucky for me, we will be here soon!! we
can't wait to stay in the stylish La Minervetta
on the beautiful Amalfi Coast.
Greece + Italy, here we come....the day after
the best day of our lives!! come soon, wedding, come soon!
(ok ok...not TOO soon, i still have a million things to do!)


  1. woooohoooooo! so many exciting things on the horizon! congrats on your decision--i think you made the right (perfect) one!!

  2. Paradise! I think you made the perfect decision too. I want to come! hehe.


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