Monday, September 5, 2011

make these cookies!

so a few weeks ago, j. and i made these cookies from a recipe
found on one of my favorite blogs, for me, for you. the title of the recipe?
we followed all of the tips and secrets, and without a doubt, found them to be the best
chocolate chip cookies i have ever made/eaten.
i have since made these cookies, umm, maybe 3 times? they're always a big hit and without fail, i always eat WAY more than i should. oops!
click on the link above for the full recipe and list of baking secrets*.
(*although i've since modified the size of the cookies- i've found that using a standard cookie scooper vs an ice cream scooper makes for a more manageable and less coma-inducing cookie!)
thanks, kate, for changing my life.

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  1. Um. Wow. I want to reach into the screen and grab one.


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