Tuesday, October 18, 2011

wedding polaroids



looking at these polaroids from our wedding makes me so happy!
these snaps (and hundreds others) now make up our colorful guestbook! an instax
guestbook is a little more expensive than your standard, but i love looking through
pages of happy people who made our wedding day so special.
the wooden sign was hand-painted by yours truly and cost me a 3 o'clock bedtime a few days before the wedding, but i really liked how it turned out. lastly, looking for a dj? like
a really awesome one who manages to keep the dance floor moving all night long and is
totally not a cheeseball? look no further than the suited cool guy in photo 3, DJP. get. on. it.

hope you're having a great week!


  1. Where do you buy/how do you make an Instax guestbook?! I am nowhere close to being married, but I can definitely file it away...:)

  2. Hi Tracey! We bought all our instax film from Photojojo, as well as my camera (a Fugi Instax wide). We bought a customized guestbook off of Etsy, and had guests take pictures of themselves and use Washi tape to tape it into the book. They were able to write an entry in our guestbook next to their picture!


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