Tuesday, February 23, 2010


hello, hump day! you've left me feeling a little hungry.
while i normally crave chocolate, valentine's day has done a bit of a number on me.
the ol' tum-tum needs to switch it up a bit!
here's what i've been craving as of late.


caramel sauce by j!

lavender fleur de sel caramel sauce
sooo delish. i've been using it in everything! (coffee, polenta,
ice cream, cheesecake....it's gotten a little out of hand)

walnut-lavender bread. no amazing pic? guess i'll have to
make it and see what happens!

|olive oil|
olive oil and pine nut ice cream
how interesting! rich and
delicious olive oil with toasted pine nuts sound like
a perfect match

there is nothing more heavenly than the combo of
honey + cheese. [ooh, and with little puff pastry action...hmm...]

dang it martha, you've done it again!

|brown butter|
rosemary-walnut brown butter cookies
[i can't get the delicious lavender pine-nut cookies
from sally loo's out of my head! these just might
(temporarily) do the trick]

happy eating!

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