Thursday, February 25, 2010

looking forward to...

sometimes finishing a week is hard.
here's whats making this bite a little easier to swallow:
1. my impending trip to the LA flower mart [a little wedding research
needs to be done...not for muah, of course]
can't wait to bask in its beauty!
2. the delicious brunch i'm going to have in celebration of
"girl's day" HERE.
i'm going to try the pumpkin pancakes with toasted pecans and spiced syrup
(my belly is already singing!)
thanks to my fab roommate, melissa, for finding it... can't wait 4 our date!

[ooooh....looks so 'sex and the city'-esque]

3. the udderly perfect sat. afternoon i will have...oooooooh, milk. just. so. delicious. you make my heart cry tears
of chocolate.
Dear Thursday night spent in the dental lab,
please lack mishaps and go quickly.

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it's not about's about quality. :)
thanks for your nice comments, friends.


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