Monday, April 26, 2010

c-c-c-amp out!!

SB Campout 040

this past weekend we celebrated the birth of my oldest friend, a beautiful
kind soul that deserved the very greatest of camp-outs!
s'mores, hot dogs, crushcakes, scary stories (thanks josh),
wet pant legs from creek crossings, and a
happy, happy time.
lv u ames.
*giant bubbles= quite a hit. visit your local
cost plus for giant bubble fun of your own! :)


  1. the big bubble looks like soo much fun! what a great idea to play with that during a camp out! great pictures ashley!

  2. thanks for capturing the magic my love!

  3. you are right! the bubbles were a hit! they basically made our campout...oh and the soda...and the cupcakes....and the....i think we need you at every campout from now on!

    oh how i'd love to sit back in the sun and drink a soda in a well-designed vintage bottle + a couple of oreos and cheez-it's!



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