Friday, April 23, 2010


oooh, hello! thanks for dropping in.
this is my new place.
took a few snappies of my favorite things around my crib.

my vertical succulent garden!

little gnome, purveyor of all things green and lovely.

little ferny is still kicking!

this is the kitchen!

this is my room!

if it was a secret before, it certainly isn't now.
i am a chronicle addict.

can you spot my waiting for the rain print?
my very first housewarming present (thank u amy loo)!

little displays of love + memories (the rock in the little glass
orb is a piece of lava that i pulled out of a guatemalan volcano! and the
AK antique wood blocks are treasures from a london flea)

little contained treasures


reading corner

homemade make-shift jewelry holders

i love charley harper.

have a happy weekend.


  1. wow, your place is absolutely delightful! i love the yellow billy balls, yellow damask frame, the liberty of london jar, clear jar with thread, and your jewelry holder! =) thanks for sharing your space with us ashley!

  2. gorgeousness dear! can't wait to see it in real life!

  3. I would be so inspired I would never want to do any homework!
    Love it Ash.

  4. Ashley! Your place looks so nice and dreamy!! Definitely a beautiful dwelling place...

  5. ashley! your new place looks so lovely!
    i adore your vertical succulent garden :)


it's not about's about quality. :)
thanks for your nice comments, friends.


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