Wednesday, April 7, 2010

moments of an easter weekend

Easter is such a special holiday, don't you think?
while this year we made sure to include the ever-s0-important
Easter events (the egg hunt, the dyeing sesh, the brunch),
it was also an important day for us to remember why we're here...
and who to thank. so it was a special day indeed.

started the weekend off right with a little "camping" (the camp of course) in costa
mesa. we loooooove native foods more than life itself. ok, maybe more than meat itself.
(and i don't speak for the boyfriend). but seriously, their portabello-sausage burger
would make a meat patty cry oily tears of envy.

we also love THE SEED. i could spend
hours in there. so inspiring! i love it when places have the
ability to do that.

this cute trendy man loves it too.

soaking in the camp environment.

EASTER BRUNCH! joined by the one and only J+B.

an ode to pierre the bunny, who had a prior engagement
and wasn't able to make it.

easter egg hunt!

humpty dumpty...couldn't put him back together again, but
at least he's pretty. :)

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