Tuesday, April 6, 2010

spring break v.2

if you're in the central coast area and want to spend
an afternoon in an amazing space eating and drinking delicious
treats, then you should probably check out the
saarloos & sons tasting room in los olivos.
oh my goodness, what a treat to cupcake + wine taste
at the same time!
saarloos + enjoy cupcakes & a+ j, together at last.

with my dear, dear one in front of the enjoy trailer

sooo beautiful

oh hello, kevin! we had to shoot this twice because he
didn't like the 1st one. :)
vanilla honey lavender was my favorite.
mmm...i can taste it now...

yum yum goodness.

all gone!


  1. GREAT PICS! i would love to visit enjoy cupcakes, the decor and cupcakes both look fabulous! next time i am in california, i will need to visit!

  2. together at last.
    love you!
    thanks for documenting!

  3. looks like such an amazing place! and that blackberry cupcake looks particularly tantalizing. husband and i will definitely have to visit next time we take a trip up the coast!

  4. Oh GEEZ! I wanna go! Tangerine Mint Chardonnay cupcakes?!?! Take me with you next time!

    P.S. You lady-loos are both so pretty :)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos!
    felt like i went with you guys! hahaha


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