Wednesday, September 22, 2010

portland food guide: pt.2

happy friday!
time for more PDX foodie biznaz.
this time, the good stuff: DESSERT.
have a happy and sugar-filled weekend.
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pix patisserie: a must visit for cheap and delicious treats!
pix macarons are far tastier in my opinion than paulette macarons! (sorry, LA)
{{and they are $1 cheaper!}}
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for deliciously old-school and tasty cups, try Saint cupcake.
{try the PB one! my fave.}
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ken's artisan bakery was an amazing little place we stumbled across while
making our trek to Saint cupcake. their macarons were HUGE! the way they should be.
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oh, clyde common, you had me at hello. thank you for your delicious
happy hour which allowed us to eat $6 grilled cheese sammies and this amazing dessert.
it was probably the most amazing thing i ate while in portland.

happy eating, lovely people.


  1. i'm bookmarking all of these places!!
    pix macarons better than paulette?
    really?! then i MUST go cuz i love paulette.
    i'm craving a better, longer pdx visit & soon!

  2. I really want to know what that dessert consists of! ooh drooling. so yum.

  3. yummmm! i would not have been able to eat just one of those cupcakes!

  4. @sallyloo peanut butter ice cream chocolate sammies with carmelized marshmallows and peanut brittle sprinkled on top. PHENOM.
    @leah, oh dear, you must know i didn't eat just one....:)
    @j. LU! Austin?! i want to go.


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