Tuesday, September 21, 2010

portland food guide pt.1

hello! i'm back in california after a beautiful trip to oregon!!
the wedding was utterly amazing and beautiful, and our trip
to portland afterward was (as kenny would say) b.a.n.a.n.a.s.
portland is a city for foodies, and as a girl who loves to eat, this
was my kinda town.
if you're going to PDX anytime soon {and are on a budget!}, follow our humble
foodie's guide:
for BRUNCH and coffee:
portland (100 of 321)
portland (241 of 321)
chocolate potato donut with creme anglaise
portland (229 of 321)
lots of hot stumptown
portland (242 of 321)
steak + eggs
portland (224 of 321)

portland (248 of 321)
tasty and sons (tapas for breakfast?! genius!)
portland (135 of 321)
quirky legs on mississippi ave. [fresh pot coffeehouse]
portland (294 of 321)
portland (321 of 321)

portland (83 of 321)

portland (79 of 321)
i have SO many food pics (ridiculous, i know.)
i'm gonna have to do multiple posts for this mother.


  1. i'm so intrigued with that chocolate potato donut!

  2. hmm...feeling like another trip is in store. but wait...maybe we should explore chicago, or texas, or seattle? or new york...
    LU. glad i got to see you this wknd!
    thanks for my hoot hoot!

  3. Did you guys hit up Screen Door!?! Hands down, best fried chicken in the country. You need to make a second trip just for that, if you did miss it.

    Hope you're doing swell!


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