Thursday, September 16, 2010

bon voyage!

hello! today ended up being a very. good. day.
why, you ask?
#1- i'm in love with a very loving, hilarious, and thoughtful
person (today is our 8-yr "unwedded" anniversary!)
#2- school is out for a week! no more crazy patients for a WHOLE WEEK!
#3- we will soon witness the marriage of our dear, dear friends
Becca + Justin in Oregon!!!! i cannot wait!!
#4- after the wedding, PORTLAND time!!
any recs for Portland? hit me up!


  1. this was a real hit at the Mickelwait house ... Pammers went BANANAS over it -- checking out all her old haunts! thanks for this :)

  2. Hi Ashley! I just found your blog and wanted you to know that I love it! I love to be inspired so I'm adding it to my google reader. It's clean, simple, and how come you love all the stuff that I do? Awesome. Well, thanks for sharing this with the world!


it's not about's about quality. :)
thanks for your nice comments, friends.


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