Tuesday, August 30, 2011

san francisco food/shop tour: part 1

this past weekend i enjoyed time in one of my very favorite cities, San Francisco, with one of my very favorite girls. we had an amazing time eating + shopping + eating some more.
we did our foodie research, and it really paid off. we ate an amazing assortment of delicious food that i think we're both still dreaming of! 3 days in the city can afford you a LOT of food and plenty of time for shopping in the meantime. here's a little list of places we highly recommend checking out in the city:

in the mission district:
IMG_5416 copy
a given. i always get the croque monsieur. delicious! my fruit-loving
friend always gets the bread pudding.

600 Guerrero Street

While you're waiting for your stomach to digest delicious baked goods, fight the urge to walk it off and lay on the grass in Dolores Park instead. But first, stop in the always-packed Bi-Rite Market to get yourself something to drink.
IMG_5427 copy




it's a kite! does anyone want to go buy/fly kites with me?
once your stomachs have settled a bit, start standing in line
at the city's most delicious ice cream joint, Bi-Rite Creamery.
IMG_2650 copy

i got olive oil + brown sugar! the olive oil was so pleasant and mild....i've always been
curious what it tastes like in ice cream form!

3692 18th St. @ Dolores
My new MUST-GO (at least once) in the Mission is Pizzeria Delfina. OMG-delicious.
We got the pizza to-go, had to walk several blocks back to our car, and inhaled
it (in its semi-cold state) like it was the BEST pizza in the entire world.
i can only imagine what it tastes like hot!!
be prepared to wait in line for quite a while, but my goodness it's worth it!

Pizzeria Delfina
3611 18th St.

see you soon!


  1. Olive oil and brown sugar ice cream sounds very interesting! Really nice photos. I'll have to try some of these out next time I go to SF (which unfortunately is rarely since the traffic drives my husband bonkers). :)

  2. dreaming dreaming dreaming! let's go back soon...


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