Wednesday, August 31, 2011

san francisco food/shop tour: part 2

start your day with....
IMG_5402 copy
have you been? if you haven't, then this is a must!
it's full of pretty things to look at and delicious things to eat. Start with macarons at Miette, then get yourself a latte at Blue Bottle (my favorite coffee in the city!).
Wander over to Heath Ceramics and load up on Weck jars (this is what we did!),
then peruse your little hearts out. Our intention was to get breakfast at Boulette's Larder, which supposedly has the best breakfast in all of SF. We missed it by 15 minutes. Drat!

Ferry Building Marketplace
1 Ferry Building

IMG_5475 copy
if you have enough time, go to this amazing nursery. remember the last time we were there?




more amazing food + shops comin' up!

Flora Grubb Gardens
1634 Jerrold Ave

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