Thursday, September 1, 2011

san francisco food/shop tour: part 3

in Outer Sunset:
i've never spent much time in Outer Sunset, but it's extra foggy, peaceful, and has
a laid-back vibe that other districts in SF lack. and parking is easy to find! hey hey!
only two things to recommend here (because those were the only two recommended to us!):
Outerlands + the General Store.
IMG_2691 copy


such a fun shop! especially because i found this beautiful print/calendar by Claire Nereim
that i couldn't resist taking home with me. watch out for the feisty shopkeepers dog, though. he just might get ya...

4035 Judah St.

after shopping, walk right on up to Outerlands to grab some delicious dinner...

My friend Annie told me about Outerlands over 2 years ago, but we never
could find the time to make it there. This trip, however, we were determined, and we are
so (so) glad we did. Have you ever seen two girls falling off their chairs
over butter?? Honestly, butter? It was heavenly(!).
The cocktails and food were good in a still-thinking-about-it-weeks-later kinda way.
Reasonably priced, rustic-casual, Portland-esque, and cozy!
I don't see why you wouldn't....

4001 Judah St.

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  1. so.right.on! let's go back...
    i'm still falling out of my chair/dreaming of that meal...


it's not about's about quality. :)
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